CPP “PREMA” S.A. on the front cover of “Napędy i sterowanie” magazine

We end the year on the front cover of the industry’s most influential publication “Napędy i sterowanie”!

Thus, we have a preview of the guiding graphic theme of CPP “PREMA” S.A. used in all materials in the new year 2022.

Inside the latest issue you will find an extensive article entitled “Argumenty przemawiające za automatyzacją procesów produkcyjnych i przykłady jej realizacji” (“Arguments for automation of production processes and examples of its implementation”) – answering the most frequently asked questions in the field of automation.

In the issue we can also find a summary of the year in an interview with Magdalena Nieckarz, who outlines the strategic goals of manufacturing companies for the coming years and plans to implement solutions. “To meet the growing demands of the market”. We invite you to read the publication!