Industria Nuclear Days conference – regarding the future of nuclear energy

Industria Nuclear Days conference – regarding the future of nuclear energy

One of CPP “PREMA” S.A.’s strategic objectives is to enter the energy industry markets. Therefore, in the light of the increasing importance of hydrogen technology in the energy industry, on 11 August 2023, CPP “PREMA” S.A. joined the Świętokrzyskie Hydrogen Valley (Świętokrzyska Dolina Wodorowa) initiative, which serves as an essential step towards decarbonisation and sustainable development.

Accordingly, on 11 and 12 March 2024, the INDUSTRIA NUCLEAR DAYS 2024 Conference was held at the European Centre for Geological Education in Korzeck near Kielce, attended by more than 40 experts and almost 200 participants – institutions and companies interested in the future of nuclear energy, including representation from CPP “PREMA” S.A., President of the Management Board Mr Jarosław Indulski and Regional Sales Director Mr Kamil Książek.

Aside from CPP “PREMA” S.A., the event was attended by – among others – representatives from Rolls-Royce SMR, British investment fund Chiltern Vital Group, Finnish nuclear power plant operator Teollisuuden Voima Oyj, Finnish research institution VTT, Dutch ULC-Energy B.V. and many key players in the Polish industrial and energy sector. The conference was chaired by a well-known energy and climate publicist, Michał Niewiadomski, founder of The Energy Club (Klub Energetyczny) and co-author of the Polish energy transformation decalogue.

Topics discussed at the conference ranged from public acceptance of nuclear power, through nuclear safety, to the licensing process for nuclear power plants in Poland. Additionally, the benefits of implementing the SMR project in Poland, the development of the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship in relation to the planned investment in nuclear power and issues of personnel training for the sector were also discussed. All 11 panels that took place comprehensively covered all those topics.

The INDUSTRIA NUCLEAR DAYS 2024 conference proved for CPP “PREMA” S.A. to be not only a place to exchange knowledge and experience, but also a major step towards building the future of nuclear power in Poland and the energy safety in the whole country.