Nomination for CPP “PREMA” S.A. in the largest quality competition in Poland – “Highest Quality International 2023”
Nominacja od Forum Biznesu

Highest Quality International 2023 is an initiative to promote effective quality management methods in companies and institutions. Those that provide products and services at the highest level of quality deserve to be honored. The project is nationwide and this is its 17th edition.

The program is sponsored by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Polish Committee for Standardization and the Department of Process Management at the Kraków University of Economics.

Distinction under the program is awarded in three categories:

  • QI product – the highest quality product,
  • QI services – services of the most important quality,
  • QI order – management of the highest quality.

The Highest Quality International emblem confirms that the Nominees and Winners of the competition apply the highest management standards, which are the basis for building a competitive advantage and positive image. Winners also receive the opportunity to improve their quality procedures and exchange experiences at organized meetings and conferences. The project is considered the largest cross-industry pro-quality competition in Poland, and its culmination is the European Business Forum and the Final Gala.

We are pleased to announce that CPP “PREMA” S.A. has joined the group of companies and institutions nominated for the international QI Certificate and Emblem.