The role of pneumatic actuators in the energy industry
Siłownik pneumatyczny serii 11.416X dla przemysłu energetycznego

The role of pneumatic actuators in the energy industry

Pneumatics is an extremely important aspect in a variety of energy industries. It is a broad term that encompasses many fields. The use of pneumatics in production line control systems brings numerous benefits, both because of its versatility and variety of applications. In the energy industry, pneumatics acts as a drive (e.g., pumps) and is used for transportation (e.g., liquid fuels). Its durability and safety of use are further advantages. The energy industry can be divided into the following categories:

  • Power plants: electricity generation and transmission,
  • Heating and thermal power plants: thermal energy production and transmission,
  • Refineries: fuel production, storage and transport.

Pneumatic power and control components play an important role in every power industry. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as driving pneumatic production line motors, moving machine components and powering turbines with compressed air. The reliability of these devices is crucial for energy production and storage, which are important factors in the country’s economy. The selection of pneumatics components is based on two main criteria: resistance to harsh working conditions and safety assurance.

Advantages of using pneumatics in the energy industry

Pneumatics offers many advantages that make it ideal for the energy industry:

  • Ease of design of pneumatically controlled lines,
  • Reliability of pneumatic actuator components and equipment,
  • Ability to be used in areas at risk of fire or explosion (an important factor for the energy industry),
  • High availability of the working medium.

Series 11.416X pneumatic actuators

The pneumatic actuator is the most characteristic component of power and control pneumatics. It is a device that converts pneumatic energy into mechanical motion. Pneumatic actuators of the 11.416X series are particularly useful in the power industry due to their high performance and safety. They have an additional scraper to clean and remove contaminants, which is extremely important for applications in the energy industry where various harmful agents may be present.

Pneumatic actuators of the 11.416X series also feature high output force, which allows them to be used in high-power drives. They are resistant to harsh operating conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, the presence of dust and chemicals. They also provide high-precision positioning, which is extremely important for applications requiring precise control, such as in temperature or pressure control systems.

Safety in the energy industry

Safety is one of the key aspects in the energy industry, especially in the context of energy production, storage and transmission. The use of pneumatics can help improve safety in this sector. Some of the things that pneumatics can help improve in the energy industry safety-wise are:

1. Resistance to harsh working conditions

Pneumatics components are designed to operate in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, the presence of chemicals or dust. This allows them to be used in areas where other technologies could be subject to damage or failure.

Wykorzystanie siłownika w przemyśle energetycznym

2. Eliminating the risk of sparks

Pneumatics do not generate sparks during work, which is important for applications in explosive environments such as refineries and thermal power plants. This significantly reduces the risk of fire or explosion.

3. Ability to work in hard-to-reach areas

Ability to work in hard-to-reach areas: Pneumatics enables remote control and automation of processes, making it possible to perform tasks in areas that are dangerous or hard to reach for humans. For example, pneumatic actuators can be used to open and close valves in hazardous areas, eliminating personnel injury or loss risks.


Pneumatics play an important role in the energy industry, contributing to the efficiency, safety and reliability of installations. Pneumatic actuators of the 11.416X series are the perfect solution for the energy industry, providing high efficiency, precision and safe operation. The use of pneumatics in this sector makes it possible to improve process efficiency, reduce costs and minimize the risk of failures or accidents. Therefore, pneumatics should be considered as a key element in the design and modernization of installations in the energy industry.

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