Summary of CPP “PREMA” S.A.’s Christmas Meeting: Achievements, Plans, Awards and Honors
Spotkanie opłatkowe CPP PREMA

The “Christmas wafer meeting” at CPP “PREMA” S.A., held on December 15, 2023, was an event full of important moments and emotions for us. President of the Management Board Mr. Jarosław Indulski began the meeting by welcoming guests, among whom were representatives of the Industrial Development Agency S.A. Mr. Bartosz Strąkowski and Mr. Paweł Kleparski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mr. Ireneusz Kwiecjasz and President of the Management Board of CHEMAR S.A. Mr. Krzysztof Adamczyk. The Board of Directors then discussed the company’s achievements and the most important events in 2023, which were the result of the work of the entire CPP “PREMA” S.A. Team. Particular emotions were evoked by the farewell of a long-time employee of the Company who retired, to whom we gave our warmest thanks for her long-time work in our company, commitment and contribution to the development of the Company, as well as the presentation of prizes and awards for employees.

During the CPP "PREMA" S.A.'s Christmas Eve, awards and prizes were given in ten categories:

  • High Attendance – awards for 100% attendance at work.
  • Optimization of Technology Times – recognition and award for reducing turnaround times and improving processes.
  • Technologist – honorable mention for dedication, conscientious and reliable work in the technologist position and multitasking.
  • Salesman – honors and awards for developing a high level of sales and active cooperation in the team.
  • Future of the Company – distinctions and awards for creativity, reporting initiatives and ideas working for the benefit of the company related to the image and perception of CPP “PREMA” S.A. on the market, undertaking various promotional activities and creating modern tools.
  • Idea of the Year – awards for the most innovative ideas, taking initiatives and submitting ideas that contributed to improving processes and achieving savings for the Company.
  • Company Safety – an award for reporting initiatives and ideas that work for the safety of employees, improving working conditions, ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions at CPP “PREMA” S.A..
  • Union Attitude – honorable mention for displaying an attitude aimed at developing a common position between the Community side and the Employer, a change in approach to the actions taken in order to achieve an effect beneficial to both employees and the Company.
  • Employee of the Year – awards for initiative, commitment, conscientious and reliable work, multitasking, independent problem solving, as well as achieving goals and attitude in line with the vision and mission of CPP “PREMA” S.A..
  • Manager of the Year – awards for skills, openness to novelty, conscious looking to the future, taking various initiatives, as well as actions to build the CPP “PREMA” S.A. Team.

Each category reflects the Company’s core values, goals and mission, recognizing the contributions of employees in various aspects of the Company’s operations AND building the CPP “PREMA” S.A. Team.

The meeting ended with the traditional sharing of the wafer, Christmas and New Year’s wishes, and refreshments for all participants.