CPP "PREMA" S.A. offers maintenance services in the fields of:

  • Construction and commissioning of pneumatic installations up to a pressure of 1.2 MPa (including the construction of pipelines using PP welded pipe technology and steel pipe welding technology for cross-sections up to max ø50 mm)
  • Renovation of networks and installations in heat sealing and welding technologies
  • Repairs, assembly, and maintenance of devices in the field of power pneumatics (including electric and pneumatic control systems)
  • Diagnosis of failures and modernization of control systems in pneumatic and hydraulic installations
  • Service of pneumatic and hydraulic devices
  • Regeneration of components (cylinders – pneumatic and hydraulic)
  • Pneumatic actuator regeneration includes such activities as:
    – replacement of pistons (chrome-stainless steel),
    – replacement of seals,
    – cleaning of components, lubricating the actuator,
    – replacement of bushings,
    – testing for leaks in actuators.

We regenerate most of the actuators available on the Polish market.

In case of a lack of regeneration possibility, we assist in selecting new actuators.

We are at your disposal throughout Poland.

Detailed information and assistance can be obtained by contacting us.

CPP "PREMA" S.A. maintenance service pricing

Service type Unit Net price (PLN)
Working from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. 1 working hour 200-250
Working past 3 p.m. and on Saturdays 250-300
Equipment regeneration at CPP "PREMA" S.A. headquarters 120
Driving to the customer 1 km 2,5

Pricing pertains to the work of a single service technician.

Performed service’s scope:

  • Overview of pneumatic equipment,
  • Typing components for replacement and reconditioning,
  • Setting up pneumatic installations,
  • Repairing leaks in an installation or equipment,
  • Machinery and equipment maintenance.


Service employees of CPP “PREMA” S.A. work in accordance with the applicable occupational health, safety and fire regulations, as well as the internal service procedure. There is a possibility of refusal to perform some work, if its performance exceeds the pre-agreed scope or could expose the employees of CPP “PREMA” S.A. to violation of applicable standards and regulations.