CPP “PREMA” S.A. Nominated for the 2023 Icebreakers Competition in the “Healthy Company” Category

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that we have been nominated by Mr. Andrzej Michalski, Director of the Świętokrzyskie branch of PEFRON, for the Icebreakers 2023 competition in the “Healthy Company” category. This nomination is not only an honor, but also a confirmation of our hard work and commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle at work.

What is the Icebreakers competition?

The Icebreakers competition is an initiative that has gained nationwide fame as a platform for promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Organized by the Foundation for Professional Activation of People with Disabilities FAZON, the competition aims not only to recognize companies that actively employ people with disabilities, but also to promote the idea of integration and equality in the workplace.


For years, our company has been involved in activities to eliminate barriers and break stereotypes. Our mission and goals fit perfectly with the idea of the “Icebreakers” competition. This is not only a sign of our social responsibility, but also proof that we believe in diversity and inclusion as the driving force behind our success.

"Healthy Company" category

The “Healthy Company” category in the Icebreakers competition is particularly important to us. It focuses on promoting a healthy and safe work environment. At CPP “PREMA” S.A., thanks to the implementation of the project “PREMAzdrowia – profilaktyka społeczna i zdrowotna zapobiegająca przedwczesnemu opuszczaniu rynku pracy” (“PREMAHealth – social and health prophylaxis to prevent premature quitting from the labor market”), we ensure that our employees have access to preventive health care, healthy meals, regular breaks and physical activities. We have also introduced various programs to improve the mental well-being of our employees and educational and health activities.

How will the nomination affect the company's image?

This nomination could serve as a great opportunity to highlight our values and mission, both to our staff and future employees, as well as to our business partners.

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Special thanks

Being nominated for the “Icebreakers 2023” competition is a great honor for us and motivation for further action. We would like to thank the Director of the Świętokrzyskie branch of PEFRON, Andrzej Michalski, for appreciating our work and for noticing our efforts to create better working conditions for all our employees.