H2POLAND & NetZero Central European Hydrogen Forum and Decarbonisation Forum

H2POLAND & NetZero Central European Hydrogen Forum and Decarbonisation Forum

On 24-25 April 2024, representatives of CPP “PREMA” S.A., President of the Board Mr Jarosław Indulski and Board Member Mr Krzysztof Woźniak, took part in the first forum in Poland and East Central Europe entirely dedicated to decarbonisation technologies! We joined the conference, debates and lectures to learn about innovations in low-carbon production, efficient storage, distribution and also applications of decarbonisation technologies.

The RED III Directive introduces significant changes in the context of renewable energy, reflecting the EU’s commitment to sustainability and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Poland will be obliged to implement RED III targets in heat, power, industry and transport sectors.

In the near future, processes will be initiated in the regions of Poland, aimed at, for example, decarbonisation of a given area or finding appropriate and implementable alternative sources of energy. In the face of progressing unfavourable climate change, any measures aimed at achieving climate neutrality will also be a key factor in determining further sustainable development of the regions.

CPP ‘PREMA’ S.A.’s representatives took part in panels such as the “Global Hydrogen Impact” panel, which aimed to raise awareness among all participants about the fact that the hydrogen energy transition is already taking place on a global scale. It is important to understand that despite local differences in approaches to hydrogen, such as demands for a Green Deal or action towards its use, the lack of action or taking action often depends on local circumstances and perspectives. Finding the right balance between ambitious climate targets, preserving the competitiveness of EU companies and minimising negative impacts is crucial.
Importantly, the use of synthetic fuels produced from green (electrolytic) hydrogen for our country could be a very attractive form of chemical energy storage. New technologies for energy generation, transmission and storage, and the development of those already mature, will increase the demand for a number of raw materials currently identified as critical.

H2POLAND and NetZero Central European Hydrogen Forum as well as the Decarbonisation Forum are essential for promoting hydrogen technologies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, economic development and strengthening international cooperation in the fight against climate change. Our company, CPP “PREMA” S.A., also supports such key initiatives that are a step forward towards a more sustainable energy future.