The first POWER PM meeting organised by Industry Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu) S.A. is behind us! This new initiative, which brings together all the project managers in the companies in our IDA Capital Group took place on the 10th of April 2024 at the Warsaw headquarters of IDA S.A. This interesting meeting was also attended by our project leaders at CPP “PREMA” S.A., Mr Kazimierz Mucha and Mr Robert Wesołowski.

What is POWER PM?

POWER PM is an exciting initiative that brings together change leaders to support business transformation through projects. The first projects have been launched in IDA Group Companies, implemented in accordance with the Group’s adopted principles. During POWER PM, project managers share their project experiences and develop project management competencies regarding project organisation and management documentation. They also test new tools to support the project management process and facilitate communication with project teams.

This time, a group of more than 20 project leaders from companies all over Poland exchanged their experience in project management, including: Dozamel, Meskorol, Polanex, PTS Wagon, WSK Poznań and IDA S.A.. Such an interesting event could not miss the our company’s project leaders. These are extremely ambitious people who successfully implement projects at CPP “PREMA” S.A. in accordance with the jointly developed Project and Programme Management Policy in the IDA Capital Group.

What was included in the POWER PM programme?

Case study zone: Our representatives learnt about the behind-the-scenes use of AI in the creation of BusinessPortal, which was discussed by Ms Agnieszka Snarska from the Technology Development Office of IDA S.A.

Experience exchange zone: A tool was presented to a closed group of our Project Community. Our employees also tested the Team Worksheet, a tool to support team management and improve communication in projects. Finally, Mr Paweł Skrzypczak from the Project Management Office of IDA S.A. talked about where quality lies in projects. The allegory of quality generated by AI can lead the way to project excellence.

POWER PM Zone: In the part moderated by Mr Krzysztof Witkowski, the project organisational structure, roles and responsibilities were discussed on examples of projects from PTS Wagon, Dozamel, WSK Poznań and CPP “PREMA” S.A.

This meeting brought CPP “PREMA” S.A. a lot of inspiration and valuable experience, thanks to the commitment of all participants. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this unique event, which provided us with an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and build relationships between IDA Capital Group companies.

At CPP “PREMA” S.A., we believe that project management is an indispensable element of a company’s success, enabling effective achievement of business goals, optimal use of resources and control over costs and risks. This is why we are so keen to participate in the meetings of our Project Community, sharing our experiences and ideas.

We look forward to taking part in another event like this one.